Company Retreats

What kind of setting contributes to the best possible team retreat?

A setting that promotes togetherness and conviviality, breathtaking vistas of a wilderness lake, and activities whether in the summer or in the winter!

Group of friends sitting in front of a bonfire. Photo by Elias Strale

We have a comfortable and brightly lit conference space with a central fireplace for evening conversation, good access to the internet, and accommodations that sleep up to 35 people in four cottages, feet from each other and just feet from the lake.

And let’s not forget to mention a catering kitchen with two refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. After all, what better team-building exercise is there than a group of teammates cooking a grand meal together in a kitchen with space enough for everyone to contribute?

And did we mention the magic of taking a moonlight ride on one of our three pontoon boats? Is there a better way of cementing the good feelings that come from good work together?

And the piano in The Great House—perfect for spontaneous group singing accompanied by the talented pianists in your midst?

Please contact us about your team-building needs. Larry Hirschhorn, the other half of Marla and Larry’s Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes, has had years of experience helping teams work effectively together in retreat settings. He has authored, “Managing in the New Team Environment.” He understands the rhythms of retreat work, how to mix work and play, what tools and props you might need for presentations and icebreakers, how to set up and use breakout spaces, secure a caterer, and identify musicians for an evening of singing or dancing.

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Check out a group of executives on their company retreat at Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes

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