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Fishing at Bobs Lake is incredible!

We have been featured on numerous TV shows on the World Fishing Network. Here you’ll find lake trout, bass, walleye or pickeral, perch, pike, and sunfish on the lake’s nearly 200-kilometer shoreline.

We can arrange for a fishing guide and fishing boats. Let us know ahead of time.

Here during the winter? Join us for great ice fishing once the lake freezes over.

It’s Crappie Time at Bobs Lake Cottages!

Fish TV’s Jeff Chisholm, Ron James, and Leo Stakos interviewed us about our cottages when they came over for fall crappie fishing.

Fish TV on Bobs Lake Cottages

Full episode of Fish TV while they were at the Land-o-Lakes.

Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes on World Fishing Network

Marla Isaacs of Bobs Lake Cottages was in an episode of Fish Finder TV. The Fish Finders is a television series dedicated to the art and conservation of sport fishing throughout North America.

Bobs Lake Cottages in Season 2 of Fish Finders

This is the teaser for Season 2 Episode 13 of The Fish Finders. This was filmed at Bob’s Lake in the beautiful Land O Lakes region of Ontario and we stayed at Bob’s Lakes Cottages during the shoot. Sebastian Kowalczuk of Cottage Fishing Adventures put us on the fish – and lots of them!

Monster Black Slabs of Land O Lakes

Go fish Ontario for it holds monster-sized black crappies Karl and cohost Sebastian Kowalczuk of Cottage Fishing Adventures are fishing in the Land O Lakes region of Ontario in late fall for giant black crappies positioned on deeper weed clumps with a combination of floats and jigs and an assortment of larger baits that inspire the bigger black slabs to bite.

Fishing Bobs Lake With Ontario Out Of Door’s Lonnie King

Ontario Out of Doors magazine’s Lonnie King spent a July weekend in 2015 and talks about our island cottages, particularly Badour Island Compound. He also talks at length about fishing trips for Bobs Lake.