Larry, Marla’s other half, wrote this poem while building the Main Cottage on Badour island.
A guest set it to music.


The Bobs Lake Cottages
& Escapes Story


I am a psychologist from Philadelphia who discovered Bobs Lake quite accidentally, when my oldest son, who is now in his 40’s, was four years old. I had never seen anything so beautiful and our whole family has not missed a summer since [except with great regret, 2020 covid has the borders closed]. We rented for a decade at what was then Morters Cabins. When told we could no longer bring our dog, we bought a little swarth of land on a nearby island. I loved Morters so much that I had to be certain I could swim from there to the island, which I was able to do.

Family PictureIn 2006 we heard that Morters had been cut in half and half of it sold. When the remainder came up for sale, in 2010, Chuck Morter gave us a mortgage to help us buy it. Fixing it up became a labor of love that has gone on now for 10 years. We renovated and winterized the cabins, built The Great House so that we could host weddings and retreats, and added new docks, a playground, hot tubs, and a fleet of boats to rent.

Our family comes every summer. My youngest son loves the island property and stays there for a week with his friends—he fell in love there to a woman who is now his wife (who painted the welcome sign!). Their oldest son took his first steps in the living room. Over the years, we slowly built up the island retreat, adding a guest cottage, adult tree house, basketball court, a new kitchen and dining room with seating for 22, a glamping and safari tent and a hot tub.

Marla and RockyOur entire family—now with 5 grandchildren, stay at the old Morters (now Bobs Lake Cottages & Escapes), for a week every summer—as do our doggies—we are very pet friendly.

best marla and larry