Covid-19 Safety Procedures

For any questions about this policy, email Marla (

Unlike pre-Covid-19, our staff will not meet you when you arrive but your cottage will be left unlocked for you with instructions on the fridge. Please let Martha, our property manager, know your time of arrival.

  1. CLEANING: We use 99.9% bacteria cleaner and clean all surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, remotes before any check-ins.
  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING please with any others not in your party.
    Each cottage has its own outdoor area. Please do not wander onto the beach or outside spaces of other people.
  1. MASKS are required when you are walking to the dumpster to throw out your garbage and recyclables. Our staff takes their breaks around the large storage container across the road from the office and we want to be sure that they are protected.
  1. BOAT LAUNCH: If you are bringing your own boat, please arrange with Martha so that she can let the folks in the cottages by the launch know when you will be there.
  1. KAYAKS, CANOES ETC. One will be assigned for each cottage. Please do not take from the lakeside storage areas as you were free to do in other summers.
    Stand up paddleboards, the paddle boat, and additional non-powered boats, need to be rented by the week. During this period there will be no sharing of boats.
    Life jackets: We suggest that you bring your own but we do have them and if you want to use ours we will assign you one for the week. They must be in any boat [canoe, kayak] that you take out. Please provide for your children.
  1. BICYCLES: washed down before each rental
  1. CHECK-IN: You will not be allowed in your cottage until check in time. If the previous group gets out on time, your cottage will be empty after the cleaners are done. If you would like to wait longer than your check in time, please stay in the outside area of your cottage. There is a larger freezer by the storage can for your use until you can get into your cottage. Please put your frozen goods in a bag marked with your name.
  1. CHECK OUT: Check out is no later than 9 AM unless other arrangements have been made with Marla or Martha. You need to be totally out of the cottages by then for covid reasons. Before 9 AM, please do the following to help protect our staff.
    • Strip all the beds of sheets and pillow cases. Run a load in the washing machine. What does not fit in, put in a large plastic bag and leave it on the porch
    • Turn off the heat or a/c and turn on any fans and open the windows
    • Bring all garbage and recyclables to the bins on your way out. You are free to remain on the property until 11:30 but will not be allowed back into your cottage. We have an outhouse near the storage can for your use. Please wear masks if you go there.
    • Outdoor washing stations are located throughout the property
    • You can not use the hot tubs after 9 am as they are being sanitized for the next check in.
  1. HOT TUBS: Feet must be washed before you get in. There is a running water source by every hot tub.
    • Children under 12 are not permitted in without adult supervision
    • Replace lid after use.
    • No eating near hot tub. If you are drinking, bring empty cans or bottles back to your cottage.
    • Do not use if another group is in there – contact Martha if you want to reserve a specific time for your group.
    • If these rules are not observed, your cottage will lose the privilege of using the hot tub for the remainder of your stay.
  1. PLAYGROUND: Only one group at a time will be allowed on the playground. Instructions on how to manage this will be posted by the playground. There is no sanitizing of the playground after 5 pm.
  1. FISH CLEANING HUT: Wait until empty before you go in.
  1. FOOD: Please bring it with you. You can order online at Kudrinkos, the grocery store in Westport, and get curbside pick up and even delivery once a week.