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BOAT RENTALS: pontoon, speed, fishing

GUIDED FISHING TOURS as seen on World Fishing Network (WFN)

Our Two Island Cottages

THE MAIN COTTAGE on Badour Island, was designed and built by Jonathan Rousham and was written up in Fine Homebuilding.

It is a beautiful post and beam cottage, with windows everywhere. The floors are pine, there is an open plan kitchen, dining room, and living room. A wood burning stove sits in the middle of the large room. The ceilings are two floors high, with a second set of windows on all four sides 16 feet high. It looks like a pagoda.

Isaacs Acres is a gorgeous property!! The two bedroom cottage (3rd bedroom is private bunkie) sits perched on a rock jutting out of the lake. The feeling is that you are in a house boat. Towering cliffs line the back of the property. Alex Biro, the previous owner, spent 25 years lovingly carving steps to the top of the cliffs, which allows you to look straight across and see the main cottage on Badour Island. He also carved steps down to the lake and even into the lake, so that you can enter the water gradually, step by step. A comfortable swinging chair sits next to the dock.

Our Five Drive-Up Houses

This is a winterized and central air totally renovated 2 bedroom 1 bath unit with a large living room and small dining room. There are 25 feet of glass facing the lake and a 25 foot deck across the entire front. Each bedroom has a king size bed that separates into two extra long twins. One bedroom has an additional chair bed and there is a chair that opens up into a twin bed for a child in the living room. There is a beautiful modern Malm gas fireplace to take the chill off when the weather is cold.

Like the upper unit, the bedrooms have King beds that separate into two extra long twins. This unit has smaller bedrooms and a smaller living room but has a larger kitchen and larger dining room. It too has 25 feet of glass, and its deck is a covered one.

Handicap accessible with assistance, this house has a large private sitting area in front overlooking the lake, a modern gas fireplace, a wall of glass, modern kitchen. Three of the bedrooms have private verandas. There is also a low sleeping loft with a double bed mattress, that you access through a drop down staircase. There is a window and electricity in this bonus sleeping area.

The main room of the house is 25’ x 15’ with a wide hallway leading to a separate 10 x 10 bedroom, with a 4 poster queen bed, and glass doors and decks on two sides. There are steps that lead outside. As with the other houses, the wall on the lake is now all glass, with a deck across the front and a gas fireplace. Unlike the others with lower ceilings, this has a cathedral ceiling and a skylight.

Our new building, completed July 2015, consists of a two bedroom two bath apartment and an additional 3 bedrooms three baths. For groups taking the whole house, the living room/kitchen of the apartment becomes the 6th bedroom as the couch opens up. It has a catering kitchen, with 8 burners, 2 dishwashers, 2 refrigerators, 2 wall ovens and every small appliance you can think of. The large dining room has a sliding glass wall onto the screened in porch. When opened, it creates one room that can seat 45 people. Open year round, it has central air and a fireplace. The main floor is handicap accessible.